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Trekking in Manaslu Region

Trekking in Manaslu Manaslu region is located in Western Nepal and was opened to trekkers only in 1991. But lots of mountaineering expedition teams had access for long time. In 1950 a group headed by H.W. Tilman trekked this area for the first time and ever since this area has been quite popular among tuff trekkers. Manaslu the highest mountain in this region (8,156m) was attempted by Japanese climbers from 1952 till 1956 but only in 1956 the first accent was ever made. Until today this region is more frequented by Japanese trekkers and Manaslu is known as Japanese mountain since large number of climbers who have successfully summitted Manaslu are Japanese. This area is still restricted to a limited number of groups and only organised trekkers in groups can trek in this area. The book "Honey Hunters of Nepal" by Eric Valli & Dianne Summers give good information about this region.

Manaslu region is very remote and rescue facility is very difficult. Yet the trek is geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating. Lots of people residing in this area especially in the upper Buri Gandaki (river) Valley are Tibetan. A place in this valley called Nupri (meaning Western Mountain in Tibetan) is a trading center among Tibetans and Tibetans residing in this areas.


Feature Trips of this Region

Manaslu Round Trekking

Grade: | Duration: 25 Days | Altitude: 5000m |

Manaslu Round / Circuit Trek, will reward the adventurous with an unparalleled alpine experience. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty, and biological diversity....

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Rupina La Pass Trekking

Grade: | Duration: 28 Days | Altitude: 5213m |

Rupina la pass trekking is challenging trekking trial in Nepal. Rupina La pass is less touristy area of Nepal Himalayas lies on the Manaslu region.Rupina la pass trek was officially opened to tourist in 1991...

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Tsum Valley Trekking

Grade: | Duration: 21 Days | Altitude: 5135m |

Tsum Valley is a sacred Himalayan pilgrimage valley situated in a trans-Himalayan region of Gorkha, Nepal. The Tsum Valley's acquaintance with Tibet, natural beauty and its pristine culture make this trekking unique.

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