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Expedition in Nepal

Expedition in NepalMountaineering is another prime ttraction of Nepal .The Mountains of Nepal have stood as irresistible landmarks for the world's adventurers since Nepal opened its doors to visitors in the 1950s. Mountaineering can range from climbing the highest peak of the world to climbing lower peaks. Although by Himalayan standards 33 Trekking peaks & are consider minor peaks, they nonetheless provide snow and ice climbing and are technically quite challenging. Mountaineering teams can apply permit at mountaineering section of the Ministry of culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation. Seven Peaks Tours & Travels offer packages. Where we provide gear, food, and transportation. Guides, porter service and also arrange for insurance coverage. Knowledge of altitude sickness and acclimatization process is a must for every mountaineer. The fatal sickness, also known as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is a danger for climbers ascending 3000 meters and above. Symptoms include headache, loss of appetite and sleeplessness. Immediate descent or evacuation to lower altitude is the best cure.


Feature Trips For Nepal Expedition

Everest Expedition

Everest Expedition Nepal (South Col).

Grade: | Duration: 65 Days | Altitude: 8848m |

Mt. Everest, the highest mountain in the world, has its own significance to climb. Although it is resulted that Mt Everest is climbed by more people rather than other mountains. It is a great achievement for those who climbed it or not......

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Annapurna Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 55 Days | Altitude: 8091m |

Seven Peaks Travels & Tours catere the needs of mountaineers climbing Annapurna Expedition / Mountaineering in a professional and committed manner. Annapurna 8091m was first climbed by a French expedition in 1950....

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Ama Dablam + Island Peak Expedition

Ama Dablam + Island Peak Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 34 Days | Altitude: 6812m |

Ama Dablam is not a new name for mountain climber. This mountain is located in the lap of Mt. Everest. Its natural structure, beauties and the place located attracts to everyone. It is not possible to describe everything here about its' natural beauties......

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Lhotse Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 55 Days | Altitude: 8516m |

Mt. Lhotse stands at 8516m, making it the fourth highest mountain in the world. It is situated at the border of Tibet and Nepal. Its long east-west crest is located immediately south of Mount Everest, and the summits of the two mountains...

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Makalu Expedition

Makalu Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 59 Days | Altitude: 8463m |

Mt. Makalu was first climbed by a French party in 1955. is the world's 5th highest mountain at 8,463m. Situated between Everest and Kanchanjunga, on the Nepali-Tibetan border. The peak was first mapped and photographed....

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Manaslu Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 40 Days | Altitude: 8156m |

Mt. Manaslu located in the north side of Gorkha district along the Kali Gandaki valley. This mountain was previously known as Kutan l. 'tang' being the Tibetan word for flat place, thereby describing the mountain's general summit.....

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Kanchenjunga Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 61 Days | Altitude: 8598m |

Mt. Kanchenjunga is the third-tallest mountain in the world after Mt. Everest and Mt. K2. Kanchenjunga is situated in eastern part of Nepal at 8598m. It was first climbed by a British team in 1956. It is an enormous mountain mass....

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Dhaulagiri Expedition

Grade: | Duration: 47 Days | Altitude: 8167m |

Mt. Dhaulagiri is one of the most popular 8000m. peaks for climbing in Himalayas . The seventh highest mountain in the world, Dhaulagiri, lies on north - west of Pokhara culminating high point at its eastern end.....

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